Responsible gambling: How does it affect players and operators?

Responsible gaming comprises of several requirements and policies, that operators in the gaming and casino industry must abide by to protect players from the negative consequences of online gambling. They are required to work within the highest quality standards to offer a safe user experience.

Gambling can be a fun recreational activity and should never be a means to generate income. Gaming operators are not allowed to advertise it as such. Gamers should be encouraged to spend only what they can afford to risk.

Software developers supplying gaming platforms and services and online gaming operators are all required to put in place principles of responsible gaming and comply with technical regulations and legislation.

Areas directly connected to responsible gambling are:

  • Prevention of underage-gambling
  • Protection of vulnerable players
  • Data protection
  • prevention of and action against criminal activities
  • online security for a safe online experience
  • secure online payment and payment protection
  • responsible and ethical marketing and advertising

Prevention of underage gambling

Individuals under the age of eighteen must not be allowed to gamble for real money. Gaming operators are required to take several steps to prevent underage gambling on their websites. There must be a clear registration process with verification steps for all players to ensure they are of legal age. Parents are advised to use parental control programs to block access to gambling websites for their children.

Protection of vulnerable players

There are various ways that gaming operators can employ to protect vulnerable players from developing a gambling addiction, including limits on the amount of money that can be spent, self-exclusion programs, limits on time spent on the gaming website or a reality-check function that displays time and money spent on the site frequently.

Online security for a safe online experience

Operators must provide a series of controls to create a secure online environment. The players personal data must be protected, and all payments must be processed securely. Only a safe gambling experience can be a fun recreational activity.

Responsible and ethical marketing

Operators are legally obliged to comply with advertising codes of practise. Adverts must refrain from targeting vulnerable or underage gamers and must be factually correct.